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How to Book Discount Hotel Reservations

Discount hotel reservations is easy with HotelWorld.

Discount Hotel Reservations

Booking early is one of the best ways to get a discount hotel reservation. And the earlier you book you hotel room the more discount you may receive. Hotel management try to maximise the hotel's profits by managing their hotel reservations to ensure that the hotel books the maximum number of rooms at the maximum room rate possible. And the hotel will certainly make sure that the number of bookings exceeds the hotel’s breakeven point so that it is profitable. Hotels regularly release blocks of low cost rooms to the market to encourage people to make a reservation. These rooms will only available several months into the future. As the demand for rooms increases the hotel “sells” the cheapest rooms first leaving blocks of higher priced rooms for customers who book at the last moment. Also as the demand for rooms increases the hotel will increase their room rates to match the demand.

Hotel Booking Deals

Booking multiple nights at the same hotel is easy with Hotel World and often results in a discount for customers. Many customers have booked 3 or 4 nights and received a free night, free breakfast or luxury hotel world upgrade. Hotels offer this to encourage customers to stay longer as it saves the hotel money. A hotel would rather check-in one customer for five nights than check-in five customers one for each night. The hotel would save substantial check in and out costs, administration costs, cleaning costs advertising and agent booking fees.

Stay during the week and not on weekends can result in a significant discount for customers. This is very evident at entertainment hot-spots such as Las Vegas and Macau where gamblers fly in for the weekend. The hotel rate on Friday and Saturday nights is often double the Sunday to Thursday night rate. Many other international locations also have this weekend premium where travellers arrive for a weekend escape from the city. For example many Londoners travel to Paris for the weekend and many Greeks visit the Greek Islands on the weekends.

Last Minute Hotel Booking

A last minute hotel booking can sometimes result in a significant saving for customers. When a hotel has not received enough bookings to be profitable, then the hotel may release a number of rooms to the market at a discount. However, customers may not be able to book the hotel of their choice. If you are not too fussy about where you stay booking a hotel at the last minute can sometimes work in your favour.

Hotel Booking

Avoid travel on religious, public or school holidays. There will be increased demand for hotel reservations which leads to higher room rates. Hotels tend to receive bookings many months in advance giving hotels the chance to maximise their room rates to ensure the hotel is fully booked well before the holiday period.

Avoid travel in Peak Periods such as the middle of summer when visiting a beach resort, Disney Hotel World, Lotte Hotel World, Hotel World Trade Center or Hotel World Square Sydney. Likewise, avoiding the middle of winter if going on a skiing holiday. The Greek Islands are a very popular destination during the summer months with the peak during August when the Greeks are on holiday. When visiting the Greek Islands during June there is plenty of affordable accommodation and the weather is beautiful.

Avoid travel during a major event such as The Olympics. The number of tourists visiting other locations may be at a low point and some very good hotels deals will be available. Also there will be no queues at any tourist attractions which will make your holiday so much more enjoyable.

Budget Hotel Bookings

Stay a little further away from the centre of the action. When travelling to major cities and attractions, the nearer the hotel to the city or attraction the more you should expect to pay. If making hotel reservations in a major city consider staying in the suburb just outside the central business district. If visiting a major tourist attraction, such as Disney World, consider staying in the next suburb. The down-side, of course, is the extra travel cost but a $10 taxi fare may be a lot cheaper than the extra cost of the hotel room.

Book Hotel World

Booking on the Internet is easy with Hotel World and is the best way for customers to compare and shop for the best hotel in any location in the world. There is huge choice for customers meaning huge competition for the hotels which keeps prices low. Also many of the best hotel deals are only released on the internet and are often only available until sold out. Our hotel reservations system allows you to enter your travel dates, check availability, compare prices, view photos of the hotel exterior and interior and read reviews hotel reviews from other travellers.

If you choose to book with a travel agent you will find the choice of quality hotel options limited and there will be the agent’s commission built into the price making it more expensive than booking hotels online.

Hotel Reservations

HotelWorld is one of the top hotel reservations sites for booking cheap hotels, luxury hotels, airport hotels, 5 star hotels or last minute hotel booking. Hotel World has a fast, secure and easy to use leading hotel world reservation service where customers can search for over 270,000 quality hotels in 126 countries. Customers can search by date and book hotels up to twelve months in the future. The search result can be ordered from cheapest to most expensive hotel, ordered by star rating, by suburb and by best Hotel World recommendation. The search result can be filtered by location, star rating, price range etc. to make finding the right hotel easy. We also use Google maps to show the precise location of the hotel.

The hotel booking is made in real-time so you know that once it has been confirmed the booking is complete. Most importantly, making a prepaid hotel reservation will get you the cheapest hotel rates available. As your credit card is charged at the moment you make the booking everything is confirmed and arranged for you immediately.

And once the booking is complete the hotel world check-in voucher is sent to your email address and can be printed out for presentation to the hotel on check-in. If you lose your voucher, don’t worry, simply go to your email and print another one. Your hotel confirmation voucher has the phone numbers of our customer service centre. Bookings can be altered or cancelled at any time however if the booking is changed within 72 hours before the check-in date there may be an administration fee charged by the hotel and this will vary from hotel to hotel. HotelWorld's hotel reservations system is powered by